Create Transform Live

With the new thinking you will transform yourself and your life. A better life starts in your head with controlled thoughts and imaginations. Choose well what you think. Feel it and see it with your third eye. Thoughts and feelings will shape your new life and your new world.

Of course controlling your thoughts and visualizing is only part of the transformation process. You have to get active. Have and follow an action plan. This plan starts with a big vision that is representing your dream life. Divide this big goal, which your vision is, into tinier goals. Choose one, with which you start. You should be able to imagine that you can reach it. If not devide it again.

How do you get a great and profitable idea or write a successful book or compose fascinating music or make an invention?

It is said about Mozart that notes for his music have bubbled out of him. Only only wrote them down. There are writers who say that the book they wrote have been dictated to them. It was as if someone was in my head and told me word by word what to write. Inventors suddenly have an idea, which changes the industry and the world.

Where does this come from?
It comes from the universal knowledge. You can get excess to the universal knowledge with meditation.

After I meditated daily for a few weeks, I came out of the meditation with the solution for a problem. Since then this happened again and again. During meditation it appears, as if you are in a different dimension. The space-time continuum does not exist and there is far more knowledge than you can imagine.

I read a book on extrasensory perception and I heard that extraterrestrial intelligences communicate via telepathy. People, who are channeling, report that thoughts are coming into their mind, which they kind of automatically convert into spoken language.

Conclusion: Everyone can get from the infinite knowledge of the universe what he needs. You will only need a little practice. That includes, to meditate daily and go into the silence of the omniscience.

This is what I would like to bring to your attention with my video trainings. It is part of the New Thinking. And I introduce all the necessary, and also supporting methods to transform and improve. The most important is visualizing and meditation, which I teach in the Visualization System.

Enjoy life, be happy and successful

Dr. Christa Herzog